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NWcode  is a multilingual and multifunctional online platform for creating mobile applications without code, based on the latest technologies.

The world's first software to be built by the community. Since day one, we’ve built our business to deliver real value and grow based on user demand. We aim to build the best platform that empowers our users to create powerful apps without writing code.

We're a people-first SaaS company

Our product is the hero but we built it with people at its center. Our core values define our product and our work.

Our mission is to support anyone who has ideas for new forms of value, for empowering innovations, or even just for better products and services.

This is our incredible growth story


At the end of 2019, the idea of creating a mobile application designer without code was born
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Alpha version

Alpha testing is carried out by specialist testers. It is not recommended to use the alpha version yet, as there are still many errors and incomplete functionality in them.
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$50,000 seed funding

We registered as Nwicode Corporation, Inc in Delaware and attracted the first investments. We have released a Beta version and received the first feedback from our customers.
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Preparing for release

Co-founders Alexander Govorkov and Ruslan Bugaev crossed their fingers when Nwcode started releasing.
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3 years later, we're proud of our journey

Nwcode Users
ARR - expected by 2023
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Main Office

3 E Evergreen
New City, NY, USA

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Dogan Araslı Bulvari Akyol Plaza No:111 Istanbul, Turkey

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