5 Best Free CRM systems

Marcellus Schuster
June 15, 2022

Computer CRM systems

These are tools, the use of which is absolutely mandatory in every company focused on high-quality customer service, striving to improve the quality of its products and services and, as a result, maximize its profits. CRM class software should be implemented at every enterprise, regardless of its size and activity profile. Especially the fact that you don't have to pay for it at all.

Many good CRM systems are available completely free of charge on the basis of an open source license, which allows you to freely modify them - adjust them to the individual needs of the company. These systems offer very high functional and configuration capabilities, sometimes surpassing commercial solutions.

List of the best free CRM systems:

1. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is distributed in both free and paid versions. SugarCRM Community Edition, which is a free version, admittedly a bit simpler than the commercial versions, but nevertheless, the range of its features is still very wide. The delivery package of this free CRM system includes not only the most common components for other environments of this type, but also a built-in developer tool for creating your own modules. Thanks to this, it is easy (without knowledge of programming languages or SQL) to build a specialized solution for a specific company (for example, a module for managing information about competitive products).

SugarCRM Community Edition is a powerful and versatile tool. It can be used both in the sales department of a small enterprise and in a large corporation (thanks to the easy expansion of the system).


  • a very large number of built-in functions and modules, as well as extensive configuration options;
  • the studio is a simple creator of its own solutions;
  • a system controlled from the web browser level;
  • a huge number of users.


  • slightly outdated layout;
  • compatibility issues with popular web browsers (SugarCRM works best in Google Chrome);
  • cumbersome control (rather intuitive).

2. Zurmo

Zurmo is a relatively new and little-known CRM system. It is still being intensively developed by its creators and the user community.

Zurmo is recommended for small and medium-sized companies that expect a CRM system to be easy to use (it is worth noting a pleasant, intuitive interface) and functionality typical of this class of software (although, of course, it is an open source system, so its functionality can be changed and expanded by developers). The advantages of Zurmo can be evaluated without installation – with the help of a demo version available on the Internet


  • very nice, clear layout and ease of use;
  • CRM works through a web browser;
  • availability of the mobile version (Android, iOS);
  • wide functionality;
  • CSV file support (Excel, Outlook);
  • a system that rewards users with points for their activity.


  • low quality of the language version (currently only 1/3 of the system has been translated into other languages).

3. Cream CRM

A good and at one time very popular free CRM system. Unfortunately, years have passed, and the last update of Cream CRM was released in August 2007. At that time, many free alternative CRM solutions with similar (or greater) functionality appeared on the market. Therefore, despite the fact that Cream is a tool with significant capabilities, due to the lack of new versions and support for it, it is worth thinking carefully before implementing it in your company.


  • wide functionality;
  • works in a web browser.


  • lack of updates, system support and user community;
  • rather cumbersome installation;
  • outdated layout.

4. VTiger

Deceptively similar to SugarCRM in appearance, VTiger is nevertheless a different system. Nevertheless, its functions and implemented solutions are very similar to the first mentioned CRM platform (and equally broad). Its management seems a bit simpler and more intuitive than SugarCRM.

Therefore, VTiger is a good offer for companies that expect something more from a CRM system than just basic sales and marketing functions. It is worth mentioning the free add-ons to the MS Office package and the MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird mail programs.


  • wide functionality and great configuration options;
  • large community of users;
  • a system controlled from the web browser level;
  • free add-ons for Office, Outlook and Thunderbird mail programs.


  • slightly outdated layout;
  • quite cumbersome to use.

5. Fat Free CRM

Speed of operation and ease of use are the main advantages of Fat Free CRM. This system contains all the typical functions for this class of software. It is intended rather for small companies. The big disadvantage of Fat Free CRM is a relatively narrow circle of users (difficult access to information about the platform and assistance in solving possible problems).


  • works in a web browser;
  • high-quality system code;
  • easy to use.


  • only basic CRM functions;
  • a narrow circle of users.

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