Top 6 Free HRMS Systems

Diana Jacobson
November 19, 2021

The company does not consist of money, assets, liabilities or customers. The company is created by the people working in it – it is their characteristics, well-being and competencies that most determine whether it will succeed in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why entrepreneurs usually invest huge amounts of money in financial systems, production planning systems or CRM systems, completely forgetting about IT support for human resource management.

HRMS systems do not necessarily have to be expensive – moreover, they can be provided free of charge, and with reasonable use they can provide invaluable assistance in doing business.

What are HRM systems for?

HRMS systems are, simply put, systems for managing human resources in a company.

The functionality of complex tools of this type usually includes:

  • salary of employees;
  • working hours and attendance;
  • employee evaluation;
  • hiring and training of employees;
  • monitoring the quality of work;
  • portal for employees;
  • work schedules;
  • reports and analytical materials.

Of course, there are tools on the market that specialize in certain functions (for example, employee payroll accounting). However, the leading role is played by integrated solutions with a modular structure (where all modules use one database, and each of them is responsible for a specific functionality).

The best Free HRMS systems

Of the open source HRMS systems available for free, the most popular and best solutions are:

  1. A1 eHR
  2. Deskera HRMS
  3. ICeHRM
  4. OrangeHRM
  5. SimpleHRM
  6. Waypoint HR

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