How to send newsletters and mass mailings to customers for free

Diana Jacobson
November 19, 2021

There are many reasons to send mass mailings and newsletters to your customers. The opportunity to announce a new offer of the company, promotions, changes in the rules, to express New Year's wishes - these are just some of them.

There are quite a few tools on the Internet for managing email campaigns, both commercial and free. Let's focus on the latter by presenting the best free mass mailing methods (including newsletters) to customers.

What mass Mailing tools can do

Good systems for managing mass electronic correspondence (the so-called mass mailing) allow not only to send messages to many recipients, but also to design the mailing lists themselves, create correspondence templates or form a list of recipients.

This type of software should also allow you to track the status of the mailing list (for example, to track whether the message was delivered and read, whether the selected recipient clicked on the attached hyperlinks or whether he refused to receive such messages in the future).

The best free tools for mass Email distribution

1. MailList Controller Free

The free version of MailList Controller offers many features. It allows you to effectively manage lists of recipients of correspondence (the free version limits us to a maximum of 100 recipients per list), including importing them from an external database, a text file or an Excel sheet. MailList Controller allows you to create messages in HTML format - using an intuitive editor that works in several modes.

An extremely valuable functionality is the ability to personalize correspondence by embedding recipient attributes from the list of recipients (for example, first and last names). The program allows you to send emails immediately or schedule them on time. Each letter can also be saved as a template for future use. The system is also equipped with a mechanism for tracking the status of sending (email received/not received/read). MailList Controller has an extensive user manual that describes all its functionality. The application can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website.

2. GroupMail Free Edition

Another free tool for mass mailing. Similar to MailList Controller Free, it can send messages to recipients from an internal database, as well as use external sources. In the case of the first option, it allows you to change and add contact attributes, so that extended personalization of sent correspondence is possible. In the paid version, the program also allows you to schedule mailings. Unfortunately, the free version of GroupMail Free does not allow you to send one-time correspondence to more than 500 recipients. The messages also contain program links.

3. Sendblaster Free Edition

Among the free programs for mass mailing, Sendblaster also stands out - primarily due to a powerful reporting and tracking mechanism, as well as integration with Google Analytics.

4. Big Mass Mailer

A simple application for mass mailing. Its undoubted advantage is the ease and ease of use — the various options are very clear and intuitive. Unfortunately, this is largely due to the small capabilities of the program, which only allows you to compose a simple text message and send it to a predefined list of recipients (in a text file).

Email campaigns in CRM systems

It is worth noting that modules for mass mailing (i.e. conducting mail campaigns or sending newsletters) are also available in some free CRM systems, such as SugarCRM Community Edition or its successor SuiteCRM. They have no less capabilities than specialized software (including monitoring the effect of mailing, message personalization, full flexibility in creating email templates, sending attachments), and moreover, they are integrated with other CRM elements - allowing, for example, to send correspondence to selected recipients stored in the system database and include it in the history of contacts with them.

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