How to manage tasks easily

Shad Rohan
November 19, 2021

There are many task and project management tools on the market. Most of them are complex platforms that allow you to delegate tasks to other users, track progress, and compile reports. However, often we do not need such complex solutions, but something simple – something like sticky notes with tasks that can be freely pasted and then thrown away. it fits this description perfectly – it is a 100% free platform for managing tasks, including group ones.

Trello: unusual task cards – this is a free online service that makes it easy to plan and record tasks – both individual and group.

How? Simply put: with Trello, you can create themed boards (for example, work, personal, home), divide each board into columns (for example, to-do, in progress, done) and attach cards with any task to them. The task status corresponds to the column in which the card is placed. Thanks to the drag and drop function, you can easily move cards between columns, so that the status of the task can be updated very efficiently.

Although managing Trello task cards is child's play and takes place in the blink of an eye, this platform is much more than just an electronic version of a traditional board on which you can stick something. Trello cards can contain checklists and attachments in addition to plain text. You can also mark them with colored labels and determine the date when a particular task should be completed.

Team tasks

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is the ability to share tasks with other users – which makes Trello a great tool for group work (for example, in a company or school). In Trello, you can define organizations within which you define users belonging to them, and within which you can create boards. The boards can be private, accessible to members of the organization, or public. People who are assigned a certain task can edit it together, comment on it, change priorities, move it around the board - in a word, work together.

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