How our children promote their pages on social networks

Diana Jacobson
November 19, 2021

Nowadays, many Internet users mostly "sit" on social networks, and other web resources do not interest them at all. And those who have only recently registered in any social network are sure to ask the question: how to promote your page, make it famous, get more visitors to it? Many still cannot "unwind", having spent a lot of effort, and it seems to them that this case is hopeless.

However, there is a way out. And quite simple, you just need to work hard. The first way is to simply buy votes if you are in the social network.the Facebook network, and in Odnoklassniki, is Oki (a special "social" currency). You can buy advertising, and thus make your page on the Internet quite popular.

But not everyone has the money for it. And the second question arises: How to make a page popular WITHOUT "selling" votes, and without spending any money on the Internet at all? There is also a way out of this situation. If you need notes on photos like "I like" (now it's called "like"), then you just need to ask network users to put these notes on photos, you can also accumulate messages and friend requests.

But there are people who don't want to beg, or want people to really like the photos, and they put their likes without any requests. They begin to distribute really interesting photos, and in this way you can "kill two birds with one stone", that is, you can get both friend requests and "likes". You need to work, or create a group and publish records with your signature by clicking the "signature" button. There, your name will be written under the entry in the social network. The group will develop, and the participants will write to you and like photos.

There is another way in which you will not need to do almost anything special, but only show phaetasia. This method is called "black PR", that is, you can take your photo on the edge of a roof, on the rails of a railway, in the middle of a busy motorway, or somewhere else in a dangerous place. Then post these photos online and sign them, something like: "Bye!", or something like that. Your post will get a lot of likes very quickly, and since there are people on the network who love all kinds of "mysticism", they will add you as friends, believing that you are already dead, and a dead person is like the best friend for a mystically minded young man! And on the Internet, only this will be talked about, however, for the time being, but you will be provided with a loud PR!

And you can also join many different groups at the same time, and write comments everywhere, put likes tirelessly, be constantly in everyone's sight. And they will also write to you and send applications to friends. In general, you will have to sweat, but this is an option!

Yes, that's how pages are made popular. And who thinks that they become popular by themselves is deeply mistaken!




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